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Payment methods

Our events are cashless. This means that we do not accept cash at any point, different than the cash desks where you can get your festival card, if you don’t have your personal contactless card.


Fest Card

If you don’t have a personal contactless card, you can issue a festival payments card at any cash desk at the festival area.

At the back of the card you will find an unique QR-code – scanning it will lead you to a web page where you can check all your transactions, as well as your current balance.
You can charge your card at any cash desk at the festival, using cash or your own Mastercard/Maestro/VISA card. Please, note that there is a 2 BGN one-time-only fee for card issuing.

Keep in mind that you can receive any unused amounts from your card no later than ONE HOUR after the last performance at the event was finished. After this period expires, the action is no longer possible. You cannot use your card at any following festival edition nor you can access any amounts left.

Your Personal Contactless Card

Owners of contactless cards, (incl. Revolut), can process payments with their cards without having to issue a festival payments’ card.