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Hills of Rock 2021 is dead! Long live Hills of Rock 2022!

Just like you we were looking forward to our meeting at Hills of Rock this year.

Today, with great dissatisfaction and sadness, we have to share with you the news that we are forced to postpone Hills of Rock 2021 for next summer.

The new dates are July 21 – July 23, 2022. The place remains the same. We sincerely believe that Hills of Rock will return to Plovdiv Rowing Canal in July 2022 with full speed and more exciting than ever! Thank you for being with us in these challenging times for the music industry!

We don’t think a lot of you will be surprised by this news taking in consideration the current pandemic situation in the world. A number of American bands are postponing their tours in Europe and despite all our attempts to have the festival this year, Fest Team made the difficult decision to postpone it until 2022 instead of compromising with the artists and the quality of the festival experience. Freedom, music and social contacts are the basis of the festival spirit and we do not want to lose its core!

On the 8th of June we will have detailed information about the possibilities for returning and / or exchanging tickets, refunds and ticket sales for the new edition, as well as all the positive changes that are coming for Hills of Rock 2022.

In the meantime, you can ask your questions and comment on anything that interests and excites you under this post.

We are extremely grateful for your patience and support! Your feedback is important to us. We have no words to describe how much the support of the artists, fans and partners from the media and the Municipality of Plovdiv means to us and how it motivates us to be better and stronger together. The project is part of the Heritage Program of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019.

Be careful, take care, everything will be fine! We will see you soon!
Hills of Rock 2021 is dead! Long live Hills of Rock 2022!

Fest Team