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SPICE Music Festival 2022 With Two Stages & First Announcement

The long-awaited announcement of SPICE Music Festival 2022 has already happened!

20 of our most favourite artists have confirmed their performances at the festival and one of the biggest suprises we’ve prepared is that we are building two stages for 2022 – Main stage & Disco stage!

We are happy to share that Gipsy Kings join SPICE Music Festival 2022, performing live hits like „Bamboleo”, “Volare“, “Djobi Djoba“, “Baila me” and “Hotel California“.

The Swedish-Persian hitmaker Arash also joins SPICEMusic Festival. A glorious 90-minutes spectacle is expected, presenting some of the artist’s biggest hits – „Boro Boro“,  „Temptation“, ”Broken angel”, “Angels Lullaby”, “Dooset Doram” and many more.

For the first time ever in Bulgairia we’ll have the chance to hear Macarena by Los del Rio live on stage! Also, we’ll have a great time with the Italian Gala, the Germans from Cascada, the Irish Liberty X and Loona.

M People’s ex vocalliist Heather Small will also smash SPICE Music Festival’s stage. The British soul artist will sing for us hits like „Moving On Up“, „One Night In Heaven“ and „Search For The Hero”.

DJ SASH. Bellini and Dario G are also names we can’t wait to enjoy hearing live. The festival zone will sound even better with Touch & GoLoft, „Magic Affair“ and Chimo Bayo.

In 2022 our new stage – the Disco stage, will make you want to dance without stop! KAOMA’s Lambada will sound live, Fab Morvan from MILLI VANILLI, and The Weather Girls are also stepping on the Disco Stage, together with Ottawan, „D.I.S.C.O.” and Boney M.Xperience

SPICE Music Festival 2022 will take place on August 5, 6 and 7 at Burgas Port. Tickets at the price of 120 BGN are available at https://ticketstation.bg/spice-music-fest.  On Dec 1, ticket prices will increase to 140 BGN.

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